Marketing with Superpowers

Express for Campaigns


Eliminate Redundant Work

Liquiron Express effortlessly publishes your campaign to multiple channels simultaneously. Manage all your marketing efforts from a single tab.

Variations allow you to tweak content by channel without having to copy all the content manually. Express automatically delivers the right content to the right channel. 

Images are sized for each channel and place automatically.

Tracking tags are added to the links automatically. 

Streamline Digital Assets Management

The AI-based image assessment ensures it doesn't contain objectionable material.

Powerful Web Search checks if your images are used elsewhere on the web, potentially indicating a copyright issue

Computer vision automatically tags the images for better discoverability and use in AI

Free Yourself From Workflow Chaos

An intuitive and agile approvals process ensures that all changes are tracked and easily viewable


Incrementally approve content as "so far so good".


The system's automated inspections oversee the pesky details that approvers often miss, including poor image quality, broken links, incorrect dates, and spelling errors. 

Reuse Assets, Except when you cannot

Easy search interface to reuse images, video and copy.

Express will prevent usage when not allowed. For example, you won't be able to use expiring images, competing promotional offers, incorrect product photos, or assets with legal restrictions.

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