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AI Won't Take Your Job; It Will Make It Easier

Marketers can be more creative and productive with AI

By Steven Salah

Headlines like to tout the future far-reaching abilities of artificial intelligence, but businesses around the globe are already using the technology to streamline and augment their efforts. If your marketing organization hasn’t explored how AI can simplify your processes, it’s time to get on the bandwagon.

Marketing employees at large corporations spend far too much time on small tasks, many of which could be completed in a fraction of the time with AI assistance. (Think research, analysis, reporting, and oversight tasks.) With less repetitive manual work to do, marketers would have more time for creativity and innovation.

Those 13 hours you spend weekly doing repetitive tasks? AI can reduce it by more than half. Imagine if you had a second person next to you working twice as fast on the same task. Wouldn’t that be great? And now imagine that “person” doesn’t require any desk space or coffee rations, yet is improving the speed that tasks get completed (and continuously learning how to do it better next time). Don’t think of AI as something that is going to take your job, rather, as something that will help you do your job more effectively.

Now, is speed the most important part of getting the job done? Of course not. Results that add value and revenue are even more prized, and yes, AI will help with those as well.

According to research by McKinsey, in all industries, AI will help generate $2.6 trillion in added value to companies’ marketing and sales. McKinsey says this department is where AI will have the most substantial impact. How?

Here are a few specific examples of how AI helps in a marketer’s day-to-day role:

Content: AI catches your mistakes.

Beyond detecting the usual misspellings and restricted statements, AI will ensure the correct disclosures are added to every piece content that requires it. Also, AI can suggest certain types of social media posts based on historical posts and understanding the type of campaign results that you’re after.

Images: AI will make sure the photos are legal, copyrighted, and size formatted prior to posting.

This gives marketers the freedom to spend their time researching and pulling the best photos.

Videos: AI can instantly tag moments within videos (of any length) with specific words, phrases, people, etc.

If your marketing team has made a commercial, and you need to edit it and post a shorter version to social media, you can do that very quickly with the power of AI.

These are just a few simple examples of how AI can simplify and amplify the work of marketers. Where do you see AI being useful in your business? Use Liquiron's free simplification consulting to learn how AI can help.


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